WOSU News Archives For: May 2, 2012

Lawyer Questions Informant’s Role In Ohio Plot

Federal prosecutors say five men plotted to blow up this bridge in Brecksville, Ohio
May 2, 2012

An attorney representing one of five defendants in an alleged plot to blow up an Ohio bridge is questioning the role of an undercover informant.

New Ohio Guide Helps Travelers Find Scenic, Significant In Ohio

2, 2012

Ohio spends millions of dollars each year to attract visitors to its amusement parks, beaches, and historical sites. And, this year, travelers can also take advantage of a series radio reports. Its called the New Ohio Guide. Tune in for a tour of the scenic and significant around Ohio.

Competence At Issue In Ohio School Shooting Case

Community members tied red ribbons around the small northeast Ohio city to honor the victims of the shooting.
2, 2012

A judge in northeast Ohio must decide whether a 17-year-old boy is mentally competent to stand trial in the deaths of three students in a school shooting.

Gun Control Group Criticizes Ohio Lawmaker’s Event

Rep Margaret Conditt -2011
State Rep. Margaret Conditt faces criticism for fundraiser at shooting range.
2, 2012

Ohio legislators hold fund-raisers all the time, but one of them has scheduled an event with an unusual theme. It’s offering attendees the opportunity to shoot guns. Gun control activists are outraged. They say the event symbolizes an Ohio that’s let backers of gun owner rights run rampant.

Ohio Senators Expand Poker Rooms In Casino Bill

A legislative provision would allow charity "poker rooms" in all Ohio counties.
May 2, 2012

An Ohio Senate panel has added a provision into a sweeping bill on new casino regulations that expands the ability for state counties to open charity poker rooms.