President Obama To Visit Ohio State About Energy Plan

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File photo(Photo: Justin Sloan (Flickr))
File photo(Photo: Justin Sloan (Flickr))

In the last stop of a four-state stop, President Obama will visit Ohio State University this afternoon. WOSU reports the president is expected to talk about his energy policy.

Today is the second day President Obama is touting his new energy plan, and it comes as gas prices in Ohio are nearing $4 a gallon. Mr. Obama is expected to talk about increasing domestic oil production on his energy tour.

The president has taken heat for his previous energy policies including delays on the Keystone XL Pipeline that is supposed to connect the U.S. with oil in Canada and deliver oil in Oklahoma to Texas refineries.

Ohio State’s Recreation and Physical Activity Center is Mr. Obama’s final stop after visiting Oklahoma today where it is expected he will announce he wants to fast-track the southern leg of the pipeline construction. The president visited a solar facility in Nevada and oil and gas production fields in New Mexico yesterday.

It’s unknown exactly what Mr. Obama will say this afternoon to Ohioans, but OSU is renowned for its energy-related research.