Ohio Joins Lawsuit Over Birth Control Mandate

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Ohio is joining six other states in filing a legal challenge to President Obama’s order that allows employees of religious organizations to get insurance coverage for contraceptives, even if the religious groups are opposed.

Attorney General Mike DeWine filed the suit on Ohio’s behalf. He says many churches have said the mandate would require them to drop their insurance plans, which DeWine says would force more Ohioans into taxpayer-funded health care systems.

DeWine says he hopes religious groups file their OWN legal challenges of the presidential order. DeWine says if they do, he’ll have Ohio file “friend of the court” briefs, supporting those lawsuits.

The lawsuit also includes Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas.

  • Mtgphd

    Interesting captions: “Ohio churches Denounce Birth Co0ntrol Mandate,” and then
    “Ohio Joins Lawsuit Over Birth Control Mandate.”

    I ask, Really? Ohio churches? Not my Ohio church “Episcopalian.”Then whose? Oh, the Catholic Churches. Oh, really? segments of the Catholic church have given their blessing to the President’s resolution of the conflict with “The” Catholic Church, so it doesn’t even concern all Catholic Church leaders, as the caption would have us believe. Use the right word!

    Some Catholic Bishops still are determined to steamroll over my Protestant beliefs that I have the right and responsibility to take care of my body, the temple of my soul, by claiming that they are the victims of religious persecution. Let the Media tell the truth. Words can lie, obfuscate, foment contention where none needs to exist.

    Then there is the caption that says that Ohio Joins Lawsuit, etc .” Really? All Ohioans? All of us will pay for the lawsuit, of course, but other than that? But what Ohioans are involved in this? Oh, Mike DeWine, whom “Ohio” ousted a few years ago, a Catholic, has been appropriated by the few disgruntled Catholics to file this suit in the name of Ohio? All Ohio? No. Not even all Catholics. So, why is the media implying that all of Ohio wants to pay for and follow this extremist position to take away all birth control from the health care agenda for all Ohio men and women. Really? Is this what Ohio is about? Speak up Ohio, especially men and women in Ohio who are interested in the health of women and family planning. Don’t let “Ohio Catholics” be the face of this dispute. There are many more of us, including Catholics, who favor free access to birth control, than there are of them – these Catholic male leaders of a small group of extremists with an unholy agenda.