Findlay Expected To Escape Flooding

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The Blanchard River near Findlay, Ohio(Photo: Focht (flickr))
The Blanchard River near Findlay, Ohio(Photo: Focht (flickr))

Earlier this week forecasters warned of major flooding in Findlay in northwest Ohio, which has seen repeated flooding on the Blanchard River. Now the forecast has been revised and residents and business owners are relieved.

After initial predictions that Findlay would be flooded again, the National Weather Service had good news for residents. Pete Sehnert is Findlay’s mayor.

“The weather service has downgraded our crest from 13’1″ to 12’5″,” Sehnert says.

Sehnert says the decline of just a few inches means that most of the homes in Findlay will escape flooding; as will the downtown section which was hit by a devastating flood in 2007.

“Probably about 13 feet is where you start to get more residential impact actually,” Sehnert says.

Q: But you don’t expect that this time?

“No. If they downgrade it to 12’5″ we’ll be satisfied with that,” Sehnert says

Earlier, the weather service predicted that heavier rains would fall across Ohio.