WOSU News Archives For: November 14, 2011

Racetrack Developers Face Another Delay in Project

racetrack car
Arshot Investment Corp. said a delay from the zoning adjustment board will not impede their May deadline. Arshot wants to built a racetrack in the old Cooper Stadium.
14, 2011

Developers who plan to put a racetrack in the old Cooper Stadium face another delay in the process. WOSU reports the temporary holdup should not impede the project.

A.G. DeWine Applauds Supreme Court Hearing Health Care Challenge

Mike DeWine
Attorney General Mike DeWine calls the challenge to federal health care mandates "important to our country and should help affirm the constitutional limits on federal power."
November 14, 2011

On his first day as Attorney General, Mike DeWine authorized Ohio to join 25 other states in challenging the new health care mandates.

Two Indicted In Open House Theft Scheme

Two people have been charged with theft and burglary at local open houses.
14, 2011

Prosecutors say Michael Shipley and Crystal Galloway targeted homes for sale, then ransacked them for valuables during open houses.

Explosion Rips Through Cincinnati Restaurant

An explosion at Cincinnati's Jerusalem Restaurant reportedly broke the front window and blew out the building's front door.
14, 2011

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is investigating the blast at the Jerusalem Restaurant.

How Long Should Police Let “Occupy” Protesters Remain In Parks?

14, 2011

Police in Portland, Oregon this weekend forced protesters to leave public parks. The protesters had been there for weeks. How long should police allow “Occupy” protesters remain in public places?