WOSU News Archives For: November 11, 2011

Driver Sought In Ohio Crash That Killed 3

Franklin County Sheriff Car
Sheriff's deputies search for driver who fled seen of fatal crash.
11, 2011

Authorities in central Ohio are trying to find the driver of a sport utility vehicle involved in a crash last weekend that killed three people.

Sheriff: Amish Man’s Beard Cut In New Ohio Attack

Amish men in Ohio allegedly have been attacked, their beards cut off. This is considered an insult in the Amish community.
11, 2011

Authorities in Ohio report another attack on an Amish man whose hair and beard were cut.

Thousands Of Ohio Veterans Missing Out On Bonuses

edited VA
Thousands of Ohio veterans are missing out on entitled bonuses.
November 11, 2011

The state estimates that about 90,000 eligible military veterans are missing out on Ohio bonuses of up to $1,000.

Ohio Charity Ride Raises $13.1M For Cancer Work

Cyclists begin their Pelotonia ride.
11, 2011

A final tally shows an Ohio bike ride for cancer research raised $13.1 million this year – more than was collected in the previous two years combined.

What Will A NCAA ‘Failure to Monitor’ Charge Mean for OSU?

11, 2011

The NCAA charged the OSU football program with failing to monitor a booster’s relationship with players. ‘Failure to monitor” is the NCAA’s second most serious violation. What do you think it means for the OSU football program?