WOSU News Archives For: November 10, 2011

Columbus Mayor Moves Forward With Free Curbside Recycling

Recycling Bins
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman moves forward with free city-wide recycling service.
10, 2011

Columbus residents who pay for curbside recycling services soon could enjoy the service for free. Mayor Michael Coleman announced plans Thursday to move forward with a promise he made nearly two years ago. WOSU has details on the proposed city-wide recycling program.

OSU Faces More NCAA Violations, Including Failure to Monitor

10, 2011

The NCAA has charged the OSU football program with additional violations resulting from a booster overpaying players for work they performed.

Ohioans Await Health Care Guidance

10, 2011

Ohio consumers, small businesses and non-profits are preparing for more change as provisions of the 2010 federal health care law take effect. Individuals and groups have a lot of questions about what the new law will mean for them.

Environment Ohio Says State Second For Power Plant Mercury

environment ohio
Environment Ohio says state has second worst mercury pollution in the nation.
November 10, 2011

A report from an Ohio environmental group says the state ranks second for mercury released into the air by electric power plants.

Tea Party Coalition To Push ‘Right-to-Work’ Amendment In Ohio

Ohio Tea Party Coalition wants to change the state Constitution to make Ohio a 'Right-to Work' state.
November 10, 2011

The co-founder of a tea party coalition in Ohio says it will push for a state constitutional amendment to prevent workers covered by union contracts from being required to join unions or pay dues.

Hundreds Of Credit Card Numbers Stolen From “ReStore”

Police say customer credit cards were being sent to a computer server in Poland.
November 10, 2011

The Delaware store is operated by Habitat for Humanity and sells many used household appliances.

Poll: Pres. Obama Leads All GOP Candidates In Ohio

The Quinnipiac University poll lists Mitt Romney as the President's closest competitor.
10, 2011

The new poll says the President is edging out Mitt Romney and distancing himself from the other GOP candidates.

A Watered-Down Senate Bill 5?

Thousands of public workers turned out earlier this year to protest Senate Bill 5, but polls showed some parts of the law were popular, including increased pension and health care contributions.
10, 2011

Now that Ohio voters have overwhelmingly rejected the collective bargaining law, there’s talk of the GOP-dominated legislature pushing some of the law’s most popular parts.

Did Joe Paterno Deserve To Be Fired?

10, 2011

Penn State has fired legendary football coach Joe Paterno for not telling police about an assistant coach’s alleged sexual assault of a boy. Many believe Penn State should allow Paterno to coach until the end of the season. Did Penn State do the right thing ?