WOSU News Archives For: October 27, 2011

Columbus City Council Candiates Bicker Over Crime, Arena

cc debate 10 27 11
Hearcel Craig makes a point as fellow Columbus City Council members Zach Klein and Michelle Mills listen.
27, 2011

The public purchase of Nationwide Arena, saving jobs, fighting crime and managing city money were issues that split the eight candidates for Columbus City Council at Thursday’s debate at the the Columbus Metropolitan Club.

Surviving Zanesville Exotic Animals Ordered Quarantined

A black leopard rescued from Zanesville property rests at the Columbus Zoo
27, 2011

The few animals to survive the Zanesville exotic animal farm fiasco last week won’t be heading back to the farm; at least not yet. On Thursday state regulators issued a last-minute order after Marian Thompson, widow of the suicidal owner, announced that she would reclaim the surviving animals from the Columbus Zoo.

What Should Be Done About The Rising Level Of Student Debt?

27, 2011

The Student Loan is the number two source of household debt. President Obama yesterday outlined a plan to allow millions of student loan recipients lower their payments. What should be done about the rising level of student debt?

Romney Clarifies Position On Issue 2

Mitt Romney says he didn't mean to create any confusion when he said he did not have a position on Ohio's Issue 2.
27, 2011

The Republican presidential candidate threw his support behind collective bargaining changes a day after saying he didn’t have a position on Issues 2 or 3.

Syrian Ohioans Keep Close Eye On Home Country

Syrians living in Ohio are keeping a close eye on protests against President Bashar Assad.
27, 2011

For decades, there’s been a rush of doctors and academics leaving Syria. Many ended up here in Ohio, but are keeping a close eye on their homeland.

Ohio Think Tank Says It Was Targeted By James O’Keefe

Leaders of Policy Matters Ohio say they were targeted by the group run by well-known conservative activist James O'Keefe.
October 27, 2011

The organization known for targeting ACORN and NPR apparently tried an undercover sting of think tank Policy Matters Ohio.