WOSU News Archives For: October 17, 2011

Ohio Dems Want More Time To Collect Signatures

Democrats say the new map gives Republicans an unfair advantage to maintain a majority in Ohio's Congressional delegation.
17, 2011

They say they wasted two weeks in legal wrangling over whether Ohio’s new Congressional map can be put up for a referendum.

Ohio Video Lottery Rules To Take Immediate Effect

lottery edited
Rules for new slot machines, like video lottery terminals at Ohio race tracks, take effect today.
17, 2011

Rules for new slots, like video lottery terminals at Ohio race tracks, will go into effect immediately,
under an order signed by Gov. John Kasich on Monday.

Kent State Student Found Dead

kent state university
Police say they don't suspect foul play in a student's death.
17, 2011

No foul play is suspected in the death of a Kent State University Student found in his dorm room.

Bath Salts, K2 Now Illegal

#37 K-2 smokes & gifts
Synthetic marijuana, known as "K2" and "Spice," had been readily available at head shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.
17, 2011

Bath salts have been blamed on making some people psychotic, and even causing some deaths.

Should The “Occupy” Protesters Be Allowed to Camp in Parks?

17, 2011

The controversy over the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy (insert city here) protesters is growing. Many have set up camps in parks. Protesters say they have the right to stay there. Officials worry about safety, sanitary conditions and non-protesters being excluded from the parks. Should the Occupy Protesters be allowed to camp in parks?

Study Predicts Surgeon Shortage, Calls For More Part-Timers

Surgery Station
The report's authors say many patients already face wait times of up to three weeks.
17, 2011

Part-time work for surgeons may help to keep more of them on the job.