WOSU News Archives For: October 13, 2011

GOP’s Cain Talks Faith, 9-9-9 Plan

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain is scheduled to make an address at Ohio Christian University.
13, 2011

Republican Herman Cain told a Circleville audience last night that a U.S. presidential race between two black candidates would show “it’s not about color.” The former Godfather’s Pizza executive from Georgia addressed the possibility of a race between him and President Obama after appearing at a Faith and Freedom Coalition rally at Ohio Christian University. [...]

Husted Nixes 2012 Referendum On District Map

Democrats say the new map gives Republicans an unfair advantage to maintain a majority in Ohio's Congressional delegation.
13, 2011

Democrats wanted to put the state’s newest Congressional map before voters next year.

Should Women Have To Hear Fetal Heartbeat Before Having Abortion?

13, 2011

Some anti-abortion activists propose a law that would require abortion providers to make the heartbeat of an unborn child visible and audible to its mother as part of her informed consent. Should women be required to see a fetus and hear a fetal heartbeat before having an abortion?

New Anti-Abortion Group’s First Goal: Pass “Heartbeat Bill”

A lack of support for the "Heartbeat Bill" from Ohio Right to Life helped push Ohio's most ardent abortion opponents to start Ohio Prolife Action.
October 13, 2011

A lack of support from Ohio Right to Life is pushing the bill’s strongest supporters to start Ohio Prolife Action.