Ohio Law in Effect Allowing Guns in Bars, Arenas

Concealed Weapons Now Allowed in Ohio Bars.(Photo: Tumbleweed:-))
Concealed Weapons Now Allowed in Ohio Bars.(Photo: Tumbleweed:-))

Ohioans with concealed-carry permits can take their firearms into bars and other facilities where alcohol is served and consumed, as long as they don’t drink, under a law taking effect Friday.

Supporters say the measure is about allowing people who legally have concealed weapons to carry the firearms into restaurants that happen to serve alcohol, instead of leaving them behind in a

Opponents have said it will lead to a dangerous mix of booze and firearms.

Businesses don’t have to allow the weapons, and facilities home to Ohio’s major professional sports teams plan to continue to ban weapons for safety reasons.

The law also allows a person with the proper permit to have a loaded handgun in a vehicle even if the gun is not secured in a holster.

  • Bob

    Welcome to the Wild West! How long will it be before the first innocent person is killed by a legal, gun toting bar patron!

  • Mtgphd

    Is this another example of extremists trying to write their radical and dangerous views into Ohio Law? Crazy things going on since these people got into our legislature, and how in the world did that ever happen????

    Why would anyone want to go to a function or take their children to one where there are going to be guns, and guns and alcohol or other substances? How crazy are these people going to be allowed to get?