WOSU News Archives For: September 30, 2011

Ohio Law in Effect Allowing Guns in Bars, Arenas

concealed carry sign
Concealed Weapons Now Allowed in Ohio Bars.
30, 2011

Ohioans with concealed-carry permits can take their firearms into bars and other facilities where alcohol is served and consumed, as long as they don’t drink, under a law taking effect Friday.

Ohio Law to Shrink Prison Population Takes Effect

New law gives judges more sentencing options.
30, 2011

A law aimed at shrinking Ohio’s prison population to about 47,000 inmates by 2015 takes effect Friday, part of an overhaul of the way Ohio punishes criminals and sentences them to prison.

Ohio Statehouse Going Green With Car Charging Stations

Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Statehouse To Add Charging Stations For Cars.
30, 2011

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus is adding six charging stations for electric vehicles at its parking garage.

Legislative Districts Not Done Yet

The state Apportionment Board approved changes to Senate and House districts earlier this week, but last-minute concerns are pushing the board to meet again Friday afternoon.
30, 2011

Last-minute concerns force the Apportionment Board to meet again today.

Who Benefits Most From Nationwide Arena Deal?

30, 2011

Columbus City Council votes on whether to endorse the city and county purchase of Nationwide Arena. Under the deal the Blue Jackets get free rent. Nationwide earns interest from its loan to the city and county. And officials say taxpayers will continue to benefit from a thriving Arena District. Who do you think benefits the most from the deal?

Nationwide Arena Deal: Who Gets What?

Nationwide Arena, yo
Nationwide Arena
30, 2011

Columbus City Council votes on Monday whether to endorse a deal that would make Nationwide Arena a taxpayer-owned facility. City and county leaders say it’s a good deal, ensuring millions of tax dollars continue to flow from the hip, entertainment district surrounding the arena. WOSU takes a look at who gets what out of the deal.