WOSU News Archives For: September 28, 2011

26 States File Supreme Court Health Care Appeal

U.S.Supreme Court
The United States Supreme Court Building
28, 2011

The 26 states that have sued to overturn President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul have filed a Supreme Court appeal pressing for a speedy ruling to the “grave constitutional questions” surrounding the law.

Ohio Apportionment Board Approves New Districts

ohio flag
Ohio flag
28, 2011

Republican-drawn boundaries for Ohio’s legislative districts have cleared a state board, likely bolstering the GOP’s grip on the General Assembly for the next decade.

Poll: Ohio GOP Voters Prefer Romney, Perry A Close 2nd

The latest poll shows Ohio GOP voters prefer Romney most out of all the candidates, but would pick Rick Perry over Romney in a head-to-head race.
28, 2011

But the poll says President Obama polls slightly better than both Romney and Perry for the 2012 general election.

New Abortion Restrictions Clear State Senate

The House and Senate must now reconcile differences in their bills before sending a final version to the Governor.
28, 2011

The change would requires judges ask minors additional questions before waiving the parental consent requirement.

Columbus High Schoolers Keep Free Rides

The Columbus School Board will send COTA $894,000 to let high schoolers ride for free.
28, 2011

The Columbus Board of Education will send COTA $894,000 to let high schoolers ride for free.

How Is John Kasich Doing As Governor?

28, 2011

A new Quinnipiac University Poll has bad news and not-so-bad news for Governor Kasich. The not-so-bad news is the governor’s approval rating has improved 5 percentage points since July. The bad news is Kasich’s approval rating is still at 40%. What do you think? How is John Kasich doing as governor?

Lawmakers Consider Adding Sexual Orientation To Civil Rights Act

Supporters say adding sexual orientation to the state's civil rights act would also bolster Ohio's economy.
28, 2011

Activists say it’s needed to add protection, but opponents say it’s a ploy to introduce gay marriage.

Current Lease Would Keep Blue Jackets In Columbus

Nationwide Arena, yo
Nationwide Arena
28, 2011

The prime reason behind the city and county’s planned purchase of Nationwide Arena is to keep the Blue Jackets from leaving. The team says its current lease with the Arena is not sustainable. But WOSU reports a provision in the team’s current lease says the team can’t go anywhere. The Blue jackets say they are [...]