WOSU News Archives For: September 20, 2011

Ohio Farm Yields Down, Prices Near Historic Highs

Farm Science Review
Farm Science Review visitors walk along Friday Ave. viewing exhibits.
20, 2011

Ohio’s corn and soybean farmers this fall will keep close watch on their fields. Late plantings caused by spring rain delays mean later harvests.

Former State Trooper Faces Federal Indictment

Benjamin Richardson remains in the Franklin County Jail on charges including mortgage fraud and witness tampering.
September 20, 2011

Benjamin Richardson faces an eight-count federal indictment on charges including wire fraud, mortgage fraud, and witness tampering.

Senate Returns To “Heartbeat Bill” Rally

Members of the group "Ohio Right to Life" are among the hundreds of activists urging the state Senate to pass the so-called "Heartbeat Bill."
September 20, 2011

Hundreds of activists gathered at the Statehouse Tuesday to urge Senators to pass the abortion law.

Dewine: Don’t Release Noe

Mike DeWine
Attorney General Mike Dewine's office says Tom Noe should remain behind bars.
September 20, 2011

The Toledo-area coin dealer receiver 18 years behind bars for his role in the “Coingate” scandal.

A Kinder, Gentler Issue 2?

sb5 ad
Recent campaign efforts, including this recent TV ad, have shifted away from criticism of public workers.
September 20, 2011

Supporters of Ohio’s new collective bargaining law seem to be softening their criticism of public employees.

Cuts and Tax Hikes – What’s the Correct Balance?

20, 2011

President Obama has proposed a plan to cut into the nation’s budget deficit. It includes a mix of tax increases on the wealthy and cuts to popular programs. What is the correct balance between tax increases and spending cuts? Is it two dollars in cuts for every dollar tax increase? Ten dollars in cuts for every dollar in tax hikes?

What’s The Right Balance On Tax Increases and Spending Cuts?

20, 2011

What’s the best way to balance the national deficit?

Patience (and Appreciation of Highway Construction) Is a Virtue

September 20, 2011

If you travel through downtown Columbus, get ready for ten years of driving frustration. Highway crews will be stepping up work on the first phase of the decade-long reconstruction of the I-71/70 Split. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock is prepared to be patient.