WOSU News Archives For: September 15, 2011

Former Central Ohio U.S. Representative To Run Again

Mary Jo Kilroy, former U.S. Congresswoman
September 15, 2011

“I know what people need here, and that working people in this community need a voice in Washington.” Mary Jo Kilroy, former U.S. Congresswoman

New Congressional Map Clears Ohio House

ohio flag
The Ohio Flag
15, 2011

The new Congressional districts still need approval from the Ohio Senate.

Study: Public Worker Compensation Outpaces Private Sector

Firefighters and their allies protest Senate Bill 5 on the steps of the Statehouse earlier this year.
15, 2011

The study gives added ammunition to supporters of reducing the power of public employee unions.

Columbus Installs Neighborhood Cameras In Weinland Park Area

old house 2 women 2
Angela Kaiser and Jacquelynn LaBor look for affordable housing on Columbus' west side.
15, 2011

“I think after this pilot we’ll get a good feel about what communities think about them. But we’re only putting these cameras in areas that want them right now.” Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.