Popular Energy Drink Remains Top Seller Despite Complaints

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Some Ohio State students are stocking up on a popular alcoholic energy drink before it undergoes changes. The drink is called Four Loco and is a top seller on campus. As the FDA declares the drink “unsafe,” Four Loco is on heavy order by carry outs and other businesses that sell alcohol.

Beverage delivery workers were busy on Frambes Avenue near High Street unloading hundreds of cases of the original Four Loco drink. A 23 and a half ounce can contains 12 percent alcohol and as much caffeine as a 12-ounce coffee. Driver Matt Seward estimated he would deliver two thousand cases in the campus area.

“The whole day is basically Four Loco special orders. That’s why I have so much is because of the Four Loco and people want the stuff that has the caffeine in it and everything else,” said Seward.

Three Ohio State alumni created Four Loco as part of its Phusion Projects company. The drink is popular, but some say it’s also dangerous. Nine college students in Washington were hospitalized in connection with the drink. The FDA has now issued warning letters to Phusion Projects and 3 other manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages. They have 15 days to inform the FDA on what steps they will take to change the content of the drinks or they can defend their product. OSU Junior, Gabriel Grayson has imbibed Four Loco on two occasions with no problems and doesn’t understand why there is so much concern.

“I was invited to a Facebook event where they were having like a memorial service for the Four Locos but I guess we really can’t do anything about it. They really didn’t have our input in on it,” said Grayson.

OSU Senior Gabe Wawrin never drank Four Loco, but his friends have.

“I know some people I’ve talked to that they’ve had it and they’ve had a couple of them and you just can’t feel anything it does to you, so I guess it’s kind of dangerous in a way,” explained Wawrin.

OSU Physics major Lenny Haney has consumed Four Loco many times as a student. The last time was two weeks ago.

“Well after the last time I had it I just got really drunk and sick and had a bad hangover and I just said never again,” said Haney. But many other students are raiding shelves to make sure they don’t run out of Four Loco. Assistant Manager of PJ’s Grill, Brett Aukerman says the drink is a big seller.

“It’s huge everyone loves it. On game days and weekends we can hardly keep it in stock. We can’t keep it cold. Like everyone comes in and that’s what they come here for,” explained Aukerman.

Aukerman says he understands there have been problems.

“If they completely took it off the market I’d be a little upset, but I mean you know, the government is doing what it has to do I guess. They’re looking out for people, but at the same time if others enjoyed it the way they should responsible I don’t think it would really be that big of an issue,” said Aukerman.

It’s unclear how long Four Loco with alcohol and caffeine will remain on the shelves. Aukerman says he has enough in stock to get through the Michigan game next weekend.