Underrated Sibelius on Symphony @ 7

Join me this evening for Symphony @ 7 on Classical 101 to hear music of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.  The not-often-enough heard Symphony No. 6 from 1923 is serene and beautiful, brooding and melancholy.

The Sixth is a mellow symphony but with inner tensions that come to the surface from time to time during its 28 minute span.  It begins and ends quietly, and yet there is a sense of drama, too.  As in most of Sibelius’s music, a strong feeling of the natural world and Finland’s vast landscapes permeates the atmosphere of this introspective music.

We’ll have one of Mozart’s most charming piano concertos to conclude the hour and take us into sunnier realms, the Concerto No. 19 in F, but the Sibelius should be a treat if you’re not already familiar with it.