‘Time for Three’ Violinists Left Standing on Tarmac by Airline

Time for Three(Photo: tf3.com)
Time for Three(Photo: tf3.com)

Just a few weeks ago, Time for Three performed with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra for the gala wrap to their season. The audience went crazy over the combination of musicianship and humor.

Yesterday, US Airways was not nearly as excited about the group’s violinists, Nicholas Kendall and Zachary De Pue, when they tried to board a flight from Charlotte NC which was headed to Northwest Arkansas.

As they climbed the stairs to the plane, they were informed that the violins would need to go into the hold of the aircraft and handed a blue slip of paper which read “the FAA prohibits musical instruments on the plane.”

That was certainly news to Zach and Nick, as Congress made specific provisions for musicians in 2012.

In Sec. 713 of that bill, it states that airlines are required “to permit an air passenger to carry a violin, guitar, or other musical instrument on a passenger aircraft without charge if it can be stowed safely in a suitable baggage compartment in the aircraft or under a passenger seat. Sets forth requirements for the carriage of musical instruments as checked baggage or as occupants of a purchased seat.”

You might remember an issue cellist Lynn Harrell had a short time ago, which I wrote about here.

They were eventually booked on a later flight, but not before they showed the rules to the people who should really have known them already.  Stay tuned for more.

Below: Time for Three performs for WOSU in the Classical 101 studio.