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“In Ten Years, Nobody Will Listen to Classical Music”

15, 2014

If you know how to get kids to love music, give me a call

Podcast: In The Key Of “D”anzmayr — Music Education

David Danzmayr
David Danzmayr
December 31, 2013

During my ongoing conversation with new ProMusica Chamber Orchestra Music Director David Danzmayr and Executive Director Janet Chen, we began looking at the future of Classical music, both in our country and elsewhere. The conversation, as you might expect, turned to children and music education.

Getting Children Off the Streets and into Practice Rooms

26, 2013

I was saddened to see street corners of kids just hanging out while wasting valuable time they could be utilizing in a more productive way. Most of all, I was disappointed to find too many people who thought it was someone else’s job to provide them with musical opportunities.

21st Century Arts Education

This display sets the tone for the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale AZ
21, 2013

When I was in school, courses in music and art were a regular part of available curriculum. By the time my daughter was in elementary school, music classes were much more difficult to come by.

Harlem Schools Receive 70 Donated Violins

color photograph of the top of a violin
A violin infusion will help support music programs at Harlem's Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School and Opus118 Harlem School of Music.
20, 2013

A large donation of violins will support the students and music programs of two New York-area primary schools.

So You Want to be a Composer? Rapido!

Rapido! originated with the Atlanta Chamber Players
January 13, 2012

14 day rapid-composition contest open to all comers;

El Sistema: We Could Do This in Columbus

El Sistema
In rehearsal, 1st violins, Simón Bolivar Youth Orchestra
29, 2009

El Sistema, the Venezuela based program bringing hope and education throughout the world, acting ultimately as a great leveler, should come to Columbus.

David Finckel and Wu Han are Multi-Tasking Musicians

David Finckel and Wu Han
David Finckel and Wu Han
September 18, 2009

In this age of disappearing record companies, shrinking classical catalogs, and Public Radio stations abandoning classical music altogether, Wu Han and David Finckel are a growth industry.

Interview With Norman Lebrecht

Norman Lebrecht
Norman Lebrecht
April 19, 2007

In this interview, Norman Lebrecht, a widely-read commentator on music, culture and politics, describes the greatness of classical music along with its problems, and passionately describes how the defenders of the art must separate the good from the great.