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Concerto by Mauro Giuliani and Mandolin Sonata on Fretworks

5, 2014

This Saturday on Fretworks, I’ll have the relatively rare Guitar Concerto No. 3 by early 19th century composer Mauro Giuliani.

From French Renaissance to Astor Piazzolla on Fretworks

Renaissance Lute
Renaissance Lute
June 20, 2013

On Fretworks Saturday evening at 7 pm on Classical 101,  we have music ranging from 16th Century France and Italy to 20th Century England and Argentina.

Research Suggests Musical Males Might Have Mating Mojo

color photograph of the top of a classical guitar lying on its back, looking down the neck towards the body
Need a date? A guitar could help.
14, 2013

Gentlemen, if you ever needed a reason to thank Mom for those music lessons, this is it.

A New Program for the Classical Guitar: Fretworks

4, 2013

The six-string classical guitar, an instrument beguiling and lovely in its soft and intimate tones, and exuberant and lively in more outgoing music.  In the hands of  one with great skill and artistry, the guitar can express many moods in a surprising variety of tone colors.  Andres Segovia, one of its greatest practitioners, called the [...]

Interview with Lutenist Hopkinson Smith

Lutenist Hopkinson Smith playing guitar.
Lutenist Hopkinson Smith playing baroque guitar.
1, 2011

Lutenist Hopkinson Smith traveled all the way from Switzerland to give a concert and masterclass at Capital University. He also stopped by the Classical 101 studios for an interview with Boyce Lancaster.

The Romero’s 50th Anniversary

The Romeros record cover
The Romeros celebrate their 50th anniversary
October 30, 2009

The Romeros, “The Royal Family of the Guitar,” celebrated their 50th anniversary as a performing group this year.

The Guitar Rises Again on the Concert Stage

Sergio and Odair Assad
Sergio and Odair Assad
October 1, 2009

Boyce gives a preview of some guitarists who take center stage in the classical realm.