“New” Vivaldi Violin Concerto Discovered in Dresden

"New" Vivaldi Concerto to be Given Premiere in September(Photo: kardboard604)
"New" Vivaldi Concerto to be Given Premiere in September(Photo: kardboard604)

Antonio Vivaldi wrote some 240 violin concertos in his lifetime.  However, that did not lessen the excitement of Icelandic scholar Johannes Agustsson when he uncovered a previously unknown work he is certain is by the composer known as the Red Priest.

“Assuming the piece is recognized as authentic, (Vivaldi expert Michael) Talbot regards it as the most important Vivaldi concerto find since the discovery of the Turin manuscripts in the 1920s.”

The concerto is awaiting final approval from the Vivaldi Institute in Venice.

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 National Symphony Orchestra 2013 International Tour to Include Oman.

The National Symphony Orchestra, currently on its first tour with Music Director Christoph Eschenbach, has just announced an additional stop for next year…the new opera house in Oman.

In a published report in the Washington Post…

Christoph Eschenbach said he wants to “bring this great orchestra to the attention of the world.”

The NSO is currently on an extensive tour of the Americas.  The 2013 tour includes stops in France, Germany, and Spain, in addition to Oman.

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 Charles Hazlewood’s Paraorchestra

On the heels of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, 4,200 athletes from 160 countries will gather to compete in the biggest Paralympic Games ever.

Leading up to the 2012 Olympic games, an orchestra made up of 18 disabled musicians will play their first concert.

In a story published in The Guardian, founder Charles Hazlewood said “until the Paralympics, no one took disabled athletes seriously. These people deserve to be seen and heard not because they are disabled, but because of their talent.”

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