Meet The Hosts

Jennifer HambrickJennifer Hambrick
Classical 101 Midday Announcer and Host of the Amadeus Deli

Jennifer Hambrick unites her love for the arts, public radio, and her native Columbus in bringing inspiring music to the central Ohio area as Classical 101’s midday host. She also hosts the Amadeus Deli every weekday at noon and The American Sound at 6 p.m. every Saturday.

She is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and the recipient of both the Eastman School’s prestigious Performer’s Certificate and a Fulbright grant for advanced study in London, England. Jennifer performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago before earning a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

As a writer and radio producer, Jennifer has interviewed some of the world’s most fascinating people, from Nobel Peace Prize-winning authors, to Wolf Prize-winning mathematicians, to Grammy Award-winning musicians and beyond. Her feature writing has appeared in numerous publications, as well as on WOSU Radio, and has garnered national awards.

Jennifer is also a published, award-winning poet. An inveterate foodie with a heart for local flavors, when not at work, Jennifer enjoys adventures in good food and learning what her garden has to teach.

Boyce LancasterBoyce Lancaster
Classical 101 Morning Announcer and Host of the Promusica Chamber Orchestra live broadcasts.

Boyce Lancaster is an award-winning radio producer who has spent the last 25 years exploring classical music at WOSU-FM. His productions have covered a wide range of topics: Ruby Elzy: Black Diva of the Thirties; Return to Camelot: Music in the Kennedy White House; the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra broadcasts; the Columbus Jazz Orchestra broadcasts; and many short features such as Fridays with George featuring CSO Associate Conductor Albert-George Schram. His interviews include conversations with musicians Hilary Hahn, Evelyn Glennie, Leslie Howard, Michael Feinstein, and Mark O’Connor; composers Joan Tower, Michael Daugherty, Christopher Theofanidis, and John Rutter; and such luminaries as Tony Randall, Johnny Mathis and Henry Mancini.

He was a wrestler in high school; two of his favorite pastimes growing up involved horses…barrel-racing and pole-bending; he thinks chocolate needs a more prominent position in the food pyramid; he owns more cowboy boots than any other kind of footwear.

Christopher PurdyChristopher Purdy
Host of Music in Mid-Ohio, Musica Sacra, Serenata and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra live broadcasts. Christopher also hosts Classical 101 By Request every Friday from 1-3 p.m.

Christopher Purdy remains a New Englander at heart, with strong ties to Manhattan where he lived for many years. But he has strong Columbus ties: his late father-in-law, Wayne Rittenhouse, was the football coach of Central and Northland High Schools in Columbus. Christopher met his wife, Linda Rittenhouse, while they were both working at a food kitchen in New York City. They married in 1989; their daughter Kerry Megan was born in 1990. The family moved to Columbus in 1991. They are still adjusting to the Midwestern lifestyle. A city boy, Purdy maintains that he would be happy to cement over his entire yard…”spare me the lawn mower and the weeds!”

His favorite composers are Monteverdi and Bruckner. An accidental encounter with a beat-up recording of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” at the age of eight changed Purdy’s direction from law school or the priesthood to one of classical music and public broadcasting. He was so captivated by the cover art, that he took the recording home, popped it on his battery-operated kiddy record player … and his life changed forever. He still has the recording.

John RittmeyerJohn Rittmeyer
Classical 101 Afternoon Announcer and Host of Symphony at 7

John Rittmeyer grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but didn’t discover how much classical music meant to him until moving to Columbus to attend OSU. It began by listening to WOSU-FM while studying at home. As an English major, classical music provided a great background while reading literature, but after awhile the music became as interesting as what he was reading. Thus began a serious avocation, with a growing collection of classical music and reference books, that eventually led to a job in Public Radio to share his love of music with other people.

He’s been doing this now for 22 years at WOSU as a classical music host. John is Classical 101′s afternoon host. He also is the host of Symphony @ 7, weeknights at 7 p.m. and Fretworks, a show dedicated to the classical guitar, which can be heard Saturdays at 7 p.m.

Little-known facts about John: A seed for the future classical music lover may have been planted in the fifth grade in Cleveland by a public-school bus trip to Severence Hall to hear the Cleveland Orchestra in a matinee concert for young people. But the seed didn’t begin to sprout until John saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and later saw them perform at Cleveland Stadium in 1966.

He started to play the guitar, and an interest in being involved with music began. However, it would take some years longer to fully blossom into a love of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart and the music tradition they represented.

Beverely ErvineBeverley Ervine
Classical 101 Music Director.

Beverley Ervine fully expected to be teaching somewhere her whole life. Having been the daughter of an elementary school teacher, Beverley thought she’d follow her mother’s footsteps. For a while she did, teaching elementary classroom music and elementary band, high school band, and an undergraduate music appreciation course as a graduate teaching associate. However, Beverley came to a fork in the road, and took it.

Over twenty years ago, former Program Director Mary Hoffman recruited Beverley from the Upper Arlington Library, where she was the audio-visual librarian, to fill the newly created, full-time position of Music Librarian for the classical radio station. During this time, Beverley has witnessed the recording library shift from vinyl LPs to CDs to digital downloads, and she moved from typing 3×5 cards for the metal drawer card catalog to helping design WOSU’s first computer program for cataloging their 32,000+ sound recordings. Now, as Music Director, Beverley spends the bulk of her work hours programming the music you hear Boyce, John and Jennifer play and talk about on the air.

Little-known facts about Beverley: Beverley shares the same name, and spelling thereof, with the main road running through her home town—Beverley Street. She was a flag twirler in her college marching band, complete with white go-go boots. Past part-time jobs include an “interesting” time in catalog sales for Victoria’s Secret. She met and married her husband, Boyce Lancaster, at the radio station, out on the back patio next to their offices. It really rained that day.