Columbus Arts Scene Top-Notch for 2012-13

Franklin Park Conservatory - home of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra's PNC Arts Alive Summer Music Series(Photo: Boyce Lancaster)
Franklin Park Conservatory - home of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra's PNC Arts Alive Summer Music Series(Photo: Boyce Lancaster)

If anyone uses the phrase “I’m bored” during the upcoming performance season in Columbus, it simply means you’re not looking very hard.  Last Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch was overflowing with the cultural bonanza that is the arts scene in Central Ohio. My colleague Christopher Purdy highlighted some of the upcoming performances, (The New Arts Season, Pt. 1), but there are so many, I thought I’d point out a couple as well.

Guest artists such as Hillary Hahn and David Finckel (New Albany Symphony Orchestra), Kronos Quartet, (Chamber Music Columbus), Sergio & Odair Assad and Michala Petri, (ProMusica Chamber Orchestra), will perform, along with incredible musicians originally from Columbus, or who now call Columbus home.  Karl Wohlwend, (Columbus Guitar Society), pianist Steven Glaser (Jefferson Academy of Music), pianist Mark Swartzentruber, (Columbus Mennonite Church), cellist/conductor Luis Biava with several performing groups (NASO, Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra, Columbus Symphony), and the list goes on and on.

I don’t know how one chooses what to hear live, but anyone who thinks there’s nothing to do, call me.  It’s out there for the listening!

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Indianapolis Latest City with Symphony Problems

There are fewer than 20 symphony orchestras in the United States which offer 52-week employment for its musicians and a year-round schedule for it’s patrons.  Indianapolis is the smallest metro area offering a full-time symphony.

If Indianapolis Symphony management has it’s way, there will be one fewer full-time orchestras.

Musicians have offered concessions such as furloughs which, according to the union, would save $3.2 million dollars over five years, but management seems to think that is not enough.

Rick Graef, who chairs a five-person committee that negotiates on behalf of the orchestra musicians union, has been a horn player with the ISO for the past two decades.  He believes the drastic cuts proposed would have a devastating effect.

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The Art of Playing Bach Without a Net

Pianist Taka Kigawa has played New York City on a number of occasions, receiving good reviews for his interpretations of thorny 20th-century piano works.

Critics gave Kigawa’s latest recital, played before a packed house, a lukewarm reception from the artistic perspective, but kudos for tackling the entire Art of the Fugue – nearly 90 minutes in length – at one sitting.

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