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Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Viola Organista” in Concert

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
December 4, 2013

People still flock to the Louvre in Paris to see perhaps the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa. Now, people can hear a musical instrument conceived by the same brilliant mind, the “viola organista” from Leonardo da Vinci.

A Conversation with Bach

9, 2013

If Dmitri Shostakovich ran into J.S. Bach at a cocktail party…would they have anything to talk about? Yes!

Newberry Consort’s Ellen Hargis 11 a.m. Friday on Classical 101

21, 2013

Ellen Hargis, director of the acclaimed Newberry Consort and one of the world’s foremost early music sopranos, talks about her work and life in early music Friday at 11 am, live on Classical 101.

Next Fretworks Program Includes Lute Music By Columbus Native

Paul O'Dette
Music by Columbus native and lutenist Paul O'Dette on the next Fretworks.
February 1, 2013

On the next Fretworks Saturday evening at 7 pm we’ll hear some lute music by Columbus native Paul O’Dette as well selections from the Julian Bream Consort and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

In spite of turmoil, Classical music lives and grows

2, 2013

Composers and musicians are determined to make music, and music lovers are determined to hear it.

Building Harpsichord a Labor of Love for Three Columbus Friends

Dave Searfoss, Hector Garcia and Michael Matteson discuss their harpsichord project.
Dave Searfoss, Hector Garcia and Michael Matteson discuss their harpsichord project.
4, 2012

Columbus lawyer Hector Garcia wanted a keyboard instrument with pluck. Now he’s building one from a kit with his brother-in-law and a friend – and learning what brotherly love really sounds like.

Slideshow of Armonia Celeste’s Live Performance on Classical 101

Armonia Celeste performs in the Classical 101 studio.
Armonia Celeste performs in the Classical 101 studio.
28, 2012

Armonia Celeste performed live in the Classical 101 studio. View photos of the performance.

Armonia Celeste Live on Classical 101 Thursday at 1 p.m.

photograph of the members of the early music ensemble Armonia Celeste
Armonia Celeste performs live on Classical 101 Thursday, Sept. 27 at 1 p.m.
26, 2012

Early music ensemble Armonia Celeste – “Celestial Harmony” – gives an otherworldly performance of Italian Renaissance love songs Thursday at 1 p.m. – live on Classical 101.

Top 10 pieces of Classical music every man should know

What are your top ten?
9, 2012

Not to pick on the guys, but it sometimes takes a bit more prodding to get us to try things than our female counterparts.  Case in point. There’s a magazine out called Primer, which is a “guys post-college guide to growing up.”  It claims to offer “affordable style, how-to’s, and self-development for the everyday 20-something [...]

One Day in Pompeii

Fortuna small
A sculpture of Fortuna unearthed at Pompeii
30, 2012

Most of us are at least passingly familiar with the story of the city of Pompeii.  When Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, Pompeii was burned and buried in ash, while nearby Herculaneum was destroyed by the pyroclastic flow.  Mostly we know the images of the last moments for the citizens of Pompeii, plaster of [...]