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Lloyd Schwartz and Music In and On the Air

Lloyd Schwartz, Mensch and Music Critic Extraordinaire
April 10, 2013

NPR Music Critic Lloyd Schwartz has a new book out, “Music In and On the Air.” Classical 101′s Christopher Purdy recently spoke to Schwartz about the new book, new beginnings and a sad ending.

The technology which threatens classical music can also save it

Composer Nico Muhly's music builds bridges between classical and popular culture
9, 2013

How we find, collect, and listen to popular music has changed immensely over the last several decades.  Does it not stand to reason that this very same technology can just as readily deliver Bach and Mozart.

Mardew Czgowchwz

Mardew Czgowchwz by James McCourt. you're allowed to say Mardew GORGEOUS
December 31, 2012

A novel that must be read to be believed, and its a fantastic (in all senses) ride.

Blind Opera Singer’s Memoir Reveals Blind Spot in All of Us

17, 2012

Some people might say it’s impossible for blind people to sing professionally on the operatic stage. But those people don’t know Laurie Rubin. The mezzo-soprano’s recent memoir is as disarming as it it charming.

The First Four Notes

first four
The First Four Notes by Matthew Guerrieri...a marvelous read!
November 30, 2012

A new book by Matthew Guerrieri examines the most famous four note sequence in the history of music.

Beating a dead warhorse

20, 2012

In our busy lives, music is an accompaniment, a familiar friend.  Once in a while, however, it pays to pay a little closer attention to the familiar you just might hear something new

“The Conductor” Tells Tale of Wartime Tragedy and Triumph

20, 2012

The Leningrad premiere of Shostakovich’s “Leningrad” symphony remains at once one of music history’s most heartbreaking and most heroic performances. Sarah Quigley’s novel “The Conductor” reminds us of the deep waters, beautiful if troubled, of the human condition.

Book Unveils Decade of Triumph, Tragedy in Life of Andres Segovia

Don Andres and Paquita book cover
August 22, 2012

Guitarist Andrés Segovia lived in Montevideo for slightly more than a decade in the middle of his long life. But even though he moved away from the Uruguayan capital, he never left it behind.

New Book Explores the Mysterious Lives of Musician-Physicians

cover of the book Scales to Scalpels: Doctors Who Practice the Healing Arts of Music and Medicine
Musicians of Boston's Longwood Symphony Orchestra foster healing in the clinic and the concert hall.
August 13, 2012

Pediatrician and Longwood Symphony Orchestra violinist Lisa Wong tells the story of one of America’s most venerable orchestras of health care providers.

The Pianist in the Dark: A New Novel About a Remarkable Woman

Pianist in the Dark book cover
The cover of Michele Halberstadt's novel The Pianist in the Dark Michèle Halberstadt takes us into the world and mind of the blind pianist and composer Maria Theresia von Paradis in "The Pianist in the Dark."
21, 2012

Imagine that you are a prodigiously gifted pianist, born into a class of privilege and opportunity. The world is yours but for two problems: you are female in an era bound up by rigid gender codes, and you are blind. In an effort to restore your vision, your parents place you in the hands of countless medical professionals, who subject you to all manner of medical experiments and purported treatments. One of these episodes reaches the breaking point, a crisis that plunges you into despair, threatens your musical gift and shatters your innocence forever.
This is the story Michèle Halberstadt tells in her novel “The Pianist in the Dark.”