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Being Good is no Longer Good Enough in the Music Industry

13, 2014

At one time, if you assembled a group of talented musicians, the concert hall would fill with music lovers. Now, even putting a world-class orchestra on stage is no guarantee of success.

Return Of Concerts At Ohio State

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Concerts @ Ohio State
2, 2014

Classical 101′s Concerts at Ohio State begin its fourth season, Sunday January 5 at 1 PM

The Earlybird Special Comes to the Arts

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra begins Saturday concerts at 5:30 pm and Sunday performances at 7:00 pm.
31, 2013

A decisive modern wrinkle can be technology. The Metropolitan Opera’s live movie-theater simulcasts start at 12:55 p.m. East Coast time to avoid backstage gridlock at Lincoln Center between afternoon and evening performances of different productions.

Classical Music Dying? Don’t Believe It.

23, 2013

We live in a community which values the arts in such a way that one would be hard pressed to take advantage of everything that is available.

21st Century Arts Education

This display sets the tone for the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale AZ
21, 2013

When I was in school, courses in music and art were a regular part of available curriculum. By the time my daughter was in elementary school, music classes were much more difficult to come by.

Mozart’s Requiem at Ohio State

mozart lange
W.A. Mozart (1756-1791) becomes a buckeye . This portrait by his brother-in-law Josef Lange is one of only two known to be done from life.
February 28, 2013

Robert Ward of the OSU School of Music faculty discusses the upcoming performance of Mozart’s Requiem at Mershon auditorium

Concerts @ Ohio State

Concerts@Ohio State, Sundays at 3 PM on Classical 101
January 3, 2013

Concerts @ Ohio State: Welcome to the third season of concerts by the students and faulty at the School of Music, The Ohio State University

In spite of turmoil, Classical music lives and grows

2, 2013

Composers and musicians are determined to make music, and music lovers are determined to hear it.

Tango Good for Mind and Body

Tango Cesena Festival
7, 2012

Tango may be beneficial for your mental health; Several major orchestras in the US will delay their seasons

Today’s Serenity Break

antico compline
Bliss out with a compline service sung by Stile Antico
October 6, 2011

Listen to Stile Antico sing a motet by Thomas Tallis and forget the world and its problems for five minutes.