About Classical 101

Classical 101 — Just what you’ve been waiting for!

Classical 101 brings you a strong, locally programmed classical music station that taps into the performing arts in central Ohio. We cover the national and international classical music scene too…so by tuning in to Classical 101, you simply get the best!

What can you expect from Classical 101?

Stress relief? Absolutely.

A backdrop for your life? Yes, definitely.

Intelligent music? We’ve got it…music with texture and depth as well.

A seat at the concert? If you live in central Ohio, yes, that’s what we provide…and we’ve got local music in spades in Columbus.

What will we be playing?

Wake up with Boyce Lancaster! Every weekday from 6 to 10 am.

Want some Mozart for lunch? Join Jennifer Hambrick, who covers mid-days, for the Amadeus Deli at Noon.

John Rittmeyer will ease you through the afternoon (2 to 5 pm), and he’ll join you again for the popular Symphony at 7 weeknights at 7 pm.

Classical 101 will also feature the national program Performance Today weekdays from 5 to 7 pm.

So the long and short story is that WOSU will be providing you with some exciting listening, so tune in to Classical 101—Classical music all day, every day.

Comments? Questions?

We love to hear from our listeners. Contact us anytime.