Community Partnership Exhibition – ROY and ACE

ROY G BIV Gallery is proud to present an exhibition in conjunction with our community partner ACE – Art for Community Expression.


In the late 1970s the Columbus Foundation administered a fund to assist individuals to travel to Africa with an international study program. Mary Ann Williams and Kojo Kamau were recipients in 1978. The journey rekindled their creative energies and started a fire they could not put out. They knew what an impact the journey would have on an artist’s work and some how they had to help other artists get to Africa.
 Mary Ann and Kojo called a group of people together to share their ideas. Funds were secured from the foundation and the group and Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, the first recipient, raised enough funds for the journey. 
The experience of raising funds for the trip to Africa and the lack of opportunities for African American artists to exhibit their work, except during the month of February, prompted them to explore starting a non profit organization. Art for Community Expression, Inc. (ACE) was founded in 1979 with a board of trustees including Linda Fleming-Willis, Michael Gire, Dr. Mary Ann Williams, Patricia Williams and Ursel White Lewis.
During the past thirty-four years ACE has sponsored over two hundred art exhibitions, fifteen arts and crafts festivals and three artists trips to Africa. In 1986 Art for Community Expression, Inc. was the first gallery to move into the Body Shop building located at 772 North High Street. The ACE Gallery closed in 1999.