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Community Partnership Exhibition – ROY and ACE

1, 2013

ROY G BIV Gallery is proud to present an exhibition in conjunction with our community partner ACE – Art for Community Expression. From In the late 1970s the Columbus Foundation administered a fund to assist individuals to travel to Africa with an international study program. Mary Ann Williams and Kojo Kamau were recipients in 1978. [...]

The American Penny Scale

29, 2013

In this ArtZine episode, we learn about penny scales – once on every main street they are now in a one-of-a-kind collection.

Columbus Arts Festival Emerging Artist

13, 2013

Eleven-year-old photographer Ashton Bushby talks about her images and the excitement about being named a 2013 Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) Emerging Artist. Her work will be on display at the 2013 Columbus Arts Festival this June.

Ohio Historical Society Appalachia Photographs

11, 2013

During the 1890s and early 1900s Ohio photographer Albert Ewing traveled southeast Ohio and central West Virginia photographing people and their surrounding environment. He created an enduring record of Appalachian life at the turn of the of the last century.

Columbus Museum of Art – Roman Mosaic

16, 2012

Curator Carole Genshaft gives her personal insights into the ancient roman mosaic now on display at the Columbus Museum of Art. Learn more about the exhibit here.

Alina Szapocznikow at the Wex

20, 2012

The nature of life is so fleeting, and yet the nature of what we leave behind is so solid; be it an artifact, a piece of art, or even just our corpse. The flux between the permanence and impermanence of the human body is where Alina Szapocznikow’s art lives and breathes so fully.

Artist Michael Jerome Bashaw

11, 2012

It’s time to introduce Ohio’s very own Superman of Art. Recent recipient of a Governor’s Award for the Arts is sculptor, Emmy-nominated musician, performer, arts educator, and all around interesting guy Michael Jerome Bashaw.

ArtZine Update- Scott Pasfield’s “Gay in America”

11, 2012

Scott Pasfield’s “Gay in America’” honored in many book award lists for 2012.

Controversy II at the Ohio Historical Society

3, 2012

We all save sentimental objects; things to remind of us seminal moments in our past. That object becomes a physical representation of a memory, of a moment in time. But when we pull that shoebox out from underneath our bed, did we squirrel away anything that dredges up negative emotions? Something that reminds us of what we’d like to forget?

Tracing Lines at Urban Arts Space

3, 2012

Tracing Lines is an exhibit at the Urban Arts Space that explores the parts of our landscape that we tend to edit out. The images illuminate a beauty in the infrastructure.