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Ohio Historical Society Appalachia Photographs

11, 2013

During the 1890s and early 1900s Ohio photographer Albert Ewing traveled southeast Ohio and central West Virginia photographing people and their surrounding environment. He created an enduring record of Appalachian life at the turn of the of the last century.

Columbus Museum of Art – Roman Mosaic

16, 2012

Curator Carole Genshaft gives her personal insights into the ancient roman mosaic now on display at the Columbus Museum of Art. Learn more about the exhibit here.

Radical Camera at the Columbus Museum of Art

25, 2012

Between the years of 1936 and 1951 America began to look inward.  Poverty, racism, hunger and injustice prowled the streets.  New portable cameras became a radical tool for awareness. The New York Photo League, a group of New York photographers joined together with the intention of exposing social issues through their images. Photographs were taken [...]

Alina Szapocznikow at the Wex

20, 2012

The nature of life is so fleeting, and yet the nature of what we leave behind is so solid; be it an artifact, a piece of art, or even just our corpse. The flux between the permanence and impermanence of the human body is where Alina Szapocznikow’s art lives and breathes so fully.

Controversy II at the Ohio Historical Society

3, 2012

We all save sentimental objects; things to remind of us seminal moments in our past. That object becomes a physical representation of a memory, of a moment in time. But when we pull that shoebox out from underneath our bed, did we squirrel away anything that dredges up negative emotions? Something that reminds us of what we’d like to forget?

A new exhibit at COSI examines all the facets of race

13, 2012

Looking through the lenses of science, history, and personal experiences, a new exhibit at COSI gives you all the information you need to question your own assumptions about race. ArtZine goes behind the scenes to talk with photographer Wing Young Huie, and local high school students that have their own views on the subject.

The Columbus Museum of Art Honors Local Legend Sid Chafetz

27, 2011

An exhibition at the Columbus Museum of Art showcases the prints – and social commentary – of one of Columbus’ best known printmakers.

The American Soldier: Photographic Tribute at Ohio History Center

11, 2011

Emmy and Tony award-winner Cyma Rubin’s thought-provoking exhibit, The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute From the Civil War To Iraq, illustrates the patriotic determination of those who serve in combat as well as the photographers who risk their lives to acquire these fascinating photographs.

New Exhibit at CMA Features Work of Aminah Robinson

27, 2011

The Columbus Museum of Art is exhibiting the work of Aminah Robinson, a nationally recognized artist who uses paper, textiles and sculpture to explore memory and heritage.

A Family Affair: Rural Routes Exhibition at the Ohio Art League

Rural Routes 005
Hay was everywhere at the Rural Routes Exhibition of Catherine Bell Smith and Claire E. Smith's work inspired by driving by rural scenery on rural route 71.
8, 2011

Catherine Bell Smith, a self-proclaimed and her daughter, Claire E. Smith’s Rural Routes Exhibition inspired by driving back and forth between Columbus and Cleveland, route 71.