21st Century Handwriting Summit



Print handwriting has taken the world by storm. The majority of people use cursive for only one purpose, signatures. But new research shows why cursive handwriting is still relevant. But how does it fit into the Common Core State Standards? Join us on this hour of “All Sides” as we explore that issue and more.


  • Jane Case-Smith (Occupational Therapy Professor, Ohio State)
  • Anne Trubek (English Professor, Oberlin College)
  • Steve Graham (Literacy Professor, Vanderbilt University)


Handwriting in the 21st Century? An Educational Summit.

Dr. Jane Case-Smith and Dr. Steven Graham will be speaking at the summit.

Join The Conversation

  • Skamandercat

    As an amateur graphologist, I am saddened by the decline of handwriting. The mind/hand connection is real, and it can be used to change our behavior. For example, if I decide that I have become too critical or pessimistic,say, I can address relevant aspects of my handwriting to consciously work on my behavior and attitude. It’s my secret weapon!