Surge Columbus


Surge Columbus is a collaborative of museums, libraries, and media organizations in Columbus, Ohio empowering teens to discover and pursue their learning interests outside of school by connecting them with mentors, digital and cultural resources, and each other.

The project seeks:

  • to help create more welcoming, open, accessible, and connected learning opportunities for Columbus teens.
  • to re-imagine learning to help Columbus teens become creative citizens who can think on their feet in order to actively participate in civil discourse and compete in the global economy, and to develop their 21st century learning skills.
  • to form a learning ecologyĀ¯ for teens that will have a significant impact on shaping the learning potential of Columbus teens.
  • to help teens develop their skills in critical thinking, civic engagement, media literacy, media production, and creative expression.
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Surge Columbus is a collaboration between:

The Columbus Metropolitan Library

WOSU Public Media

The Columbus Museum of Art

The Wexner Center for the Arts