WOSU Classroom has produced timeless, educational lesson plans that be be used in classroom instructions.

Many of these videos include lessons plans and guides there are supplemental PDF’s, lesson plans and assessment tools.

Extinct animal

Bio Bits

Bio Bits is a series of eight learning modules clarifying and demonstrating the diversity and interdependence of plant and animal life. The sequences are aligned to benchmarks for life sciences for various grades ranging from Grades 3 to 12.

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Importer-exporter on a business phone call
High school dancers
Elementary students performing MacBeth

Dramatic Inquiry

Dramatic Inquiry is a series of six learning modules demonstrating how techniques such as role playing, movement and active listening are used in the classroom to explore complex ideas and problems.

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Effective Teaching With Techology
Materials engineer

Hot Pursuits

Hot Pursuits gives an insight into some of the coolest careers today in a job market that rewards solid grounding in STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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What do ice cores reveal about climate change
Lessons in Mater and Energy
Physics on the Edge graphic

Physics On The Edge

Physics on the Edge introduces the concept of energy by showing that two different types of energy, kinetic and potential, are equivalent in the sense that they can produce the same results.

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duck in swamp

Swamps and Such

Swamps and Such is a series of video learning modules explaining the structure and functions of ecosystems and how ecosystems change over time.

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Preschool teacher talking with children
radiation therapist

Working IT!

WORKING IT! is a series of six video profiles of professionals successfully navigating careers in technology in various sectors of the economy.

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