Where To Watch WOSU TV

Whether you watch us on cable, digital cable or over-the-air, there have never been so many options for finding WOSU!

  • WOSU HD - High-definition programming featuring art, entertainment, and performance programs
  • WOSU Ohio - Programming from the Ohio Channel which includes Ohio Government Television and local productions by Ohio public broadcasting stations
  • WOSU Plus - Programming that is a one-day delay of PBS primetime programs as well as daytime children’s programming from 6am to 6pm daily

You can receive WOSU TV/DT two ways: over the air and through cable.

(*for DIRECT TV, the analog WOSU signal will be broadcasted on 34 and 38 during the transition)

Viewing Method Channel Number Requirements
Over-the-air, without cable WOSU-TV
HD TV only
WOSU-OHIO 34.2 DTV only
WOSU-PLUS 34.3 DTV only
Time Warner WOSU-TV 7 none
WOSU-HD 1007 digital cable w/set-top box only
WOSU-OHIO 991 digital cable
WOSU-PLUS 994 digital cable
WOSU Local On Demand 1111 digital cable
Insight Communications WOSU-TV 34 none
WOSU-HD 916 digital cable w/set-top box only
WOSU-OHIO 190 digital cable
WOSU-PLUS 191 digital cable
PBS Kids Sprout 336 digital cable
Wide Open West (WOW) WOSU-TV 7 none
WOSU-HD 205 digital cable w/set-top box only
WOSU-OHIO 150 digital cable
WOSU-PLUS 153 digital cable
DIRECT TV WOSU analog 34* none
WOSU digital 38 digital cable
ATT Uverse WOSU-TV 34 digital cable
WOSU HD 1034 digital cable
Portsmouth WOSU analog 34 none
WOSU digital 38 digital cable

As of August, 2010, Time Warner Customers in Caldwell, Cambridge, Cochocton, Greenfield, Newark, Washington Court House and Waverly:

WOSU OHIO moved to cable channel 991
WOSU Plus moved to cable channel 994

Presently none of the satellite services carry WOSU TV/DT stations.