Learning for Life

Dramatic Inquiry

Dramatic Inquiry is a series of six learning modules demonstrating how techniques such as role playing, movement, and active listening are used in the classroom to explore complex ideas and problems. The series includes an introduction to dramatic inquiry; demonstrations of the key steps—ignition, inquiry and illustration; and applications of dramatic inquiry in science, social studies and language arts.

Media Literacy

Media Literacy consists of excerpts from Frank W. Baker’s keynote presentation at a Media Literacy Institute on September 17, 2008 at WOSU@COSI. The topics include (1) media literacy defined; (2) the core principles of media literacy; (3) applying critical thinking; (4) advertising; (5) deconstructing video text; (6) visual literacy; (7) the role of media in politics; and (8) the role of media in health.

University Place

University Place includes documentaries, features and learning objects related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), panel discussions, and videotaped lectures on a variety of topics. University Place is a collaborative project of WOSU, WPSU/Penn State and WPT/Wisconsin.