Bakery Shop

The Bakery Shop is an educational game collaboratively developed by WOSU Public Media, the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD) at The Ohio State University and the Ohio Council on Economic Education. Targeted to second graders, the game is designed to immerse the user in concepts of economics in a visually engaging way using an entertaining game context. Streams of hungry customers arrive at a bakery with a specific craving. Ingredients, cooks, and ovens must be carefully managed to produce the right food at the right time to keep customers happy. The goods produced by the bakery share similar ingredients, so choice is important and is always a trade-off between recipes.

Bio Bits

Bio Bits is a series of eight learning modules clarifying and demonstrating the diversity and interdependence of plant and animal life. The sequences are aligned to benchmarks for life sciences for various grades ranging from Grades 3 to 12.

Career Counselor Tips

Mark Davis, the Career Counselor at Upper Arlington High School, gives helpful tips to help the transition from high school to college or work.

Dances for Television

Dances for Television is a series of three dance vignettes exploring the relationships between ourselves, our environments, and our communities. The dances are unique creations for the camera — dance forms that cannot be performed on stage because the video shots and editing are part of the choreography. The series captures the dancing that's happening all around us in our lives, provoking the notion that we are all dancers whether we are an elder, a young child in school, or a ballerina.

How Government Works

How Government Works is a series of interviews featuring three distinguished leaders in Ohio explaining key functions of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government.

Ice Cores: Unlocking Past Climates

Ice Cores: Unlocking Past Climates presents what we know and how we know about the earth’s climate with a set of five video learning modules and companion curricular resources. The lessons begin by clarifying the difference between weather and climate; proceed to give us a closer look at glaciers and the records they hold of climatic events over extraordinarily long periods of time and show how scientists collect and study glacial ice cores to trace climate history. Students are drawn into hands-on, minds-on investigations in each learning modules.

Lessons in Matter and Energy

Lessons in Matter and Energy is a series of eight learning modules that demonstrate physical science concepts and phenomena. The series captures some of the most engaging demonstrations presented at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus. The demonstrations clarify essential properties of matter and the nature and transfer of energy. Accompanying each module is a Teacher’s Guide, on video, and a set of assessment tools that includes suggested tasks to test comprehension, a scoring rubric, and a student booklet. Lessons in Matter and Energy is intended to complement curricular resources in grades 4 to 8.

My Cool Job

Mycooljob.org is designed for middle-schoolers and early high school students, to give them a taste of the real world after graduation, to show the pluses – and minuses – of real jobs. 15 full-time professionals share stories about their professional lives in an effort to demonstrate that career paths are never a straight line. Each voice allows students to meet and get honest advice from people who love what they do for a living, and find out why.

My First Job

My First Job are first-hand stories from professionals who are well known in their field and beyond, including Ted Strickland, Michael Coleman, Jack Hanna, Cheryl Krueger, Cameron Mitchell, Katherine Sullivan, and Archie Griffin.

Physics on the Edge

Physics on the Edge introduces the concept of energy by showing that two different types of energy, kinetic and potential, are equivalent in the sense that they can produce the same results. In this case the result is a smashed car, either dropped from a height or run into a wall. Another demonstration takes place at a skateboard park showing that kinetic and potential energy can transform into each other. The three modules are (1) Scientific Inquiry; (2) Potential Energy; and (3) Transforming Energy

Swamps and Such

Swamps and Such is a series of video learning modules explaining the structure and functions of ecosystems and how ecosystems change over time. Geared to students in grades 7 to 10, the series details how wetlands serve as nature’s kidneys and nature’s supermarket. It was developed in collaboration with The Ohio State University Olentangy River Wetlands and Research Park in Columbus, and was videotaped entirely at the Olentangy Wetlands.